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My passion for sustainability and ESG drove me to start this educational community to help beginners with questions about ESG and sustainability. We hope these videos help you on your own path to making informed decisions as investors, consumers and business owners.

Sarah Hearn OBE – Founder ESG Hive

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ESG for Beginners

This quick guide to ESG will make you an insider in no time!

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ESG Hive’s videos are designed for beginners and newcomers to ESG and sustainability.


Whether you are a small business owner, employee or individual investor, our videos explain the essential elements of ESG and sustainability.

How much do you know about clean energy? 


Find out about our top ten innovative sources of clean, renewable and green energy. Come up to speed with the latest developments and test how prepared you are for a greener future. Go to our article of the same name if you want to take the quiz.

Debunking Common Myths about ESG


If you are tired of the culture wars and just want the facts about what is and is not environmental, social and governance – ESG – investing, this video is for you. It debunks the most common myths about ESG. We hope it helps you on your own journey to making informed decisions about ESG and sustainable and responsible business and investing. 

Quick Guide to Global ESG and Sustainability Standards


This quick guide from ESG Hive walks beginners though the new and emerging standards for global ESG and sustainability. This guide is for employees and business owners who are trying to work out where to start with their ESG and sustainability plans.


Improving your business’s environmental impact


If you’re a business owner that is new to ESG, this video is for you. We talk about some of the main opportunities to become more sustainable and some of the great resources out there to help you make a start.

The meaning of “E” in ESG: Corporate Environmental Sustainability


This video for ESG beginners explains the basics of the E (environmental issues) in ESG, looking at the benefits, challenges and evolving landscape of the E in ESG.

ESG Reporting


How companies measure and communicate their impact. This video is for newcomers to ESG who are looking for where to start with ESG reporting!

The meaning of “S” in ESG: Social risk and responsibility


What is the meaning of the “S” in ESG? This video explains social factors in ESG and why they are important for many businesses, employees and investors.

ESG scores explained


Ever wondered what ESG scores are for and how they are calculated? Are you curious about the controversies, with Elon Musk even calling them a “scam”? This video explains ESG scores for newcomers to ESG.

What will U.S. partisanship mean for ESG?


What will U.S. partisanship mean for ESG? In this video, we break down the political differences and implications for businesses and investors in the USA.

ESG for beginners


Cut through the noise and jargon! Enjoy our super easy quick guide to environmental, social and governance investing, or ESG for short. This quick guide for ESG and sustainability beginners explains ESG in the simplest and quickest terms – it’s about risks to businesses and impacts of businesses.

Introduction to ESG Presentation

This longer training presentation covers definitions, examples and risks associated with ESG. You can also sign up for our climate training if you would like to dig deeper into the environmental issues for businesses and investors.