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My passion for sustainability and ESG drove me to start this educational community to help beginners with questions about sustainability and ESG. Presently, we serve users all over the world, and we are thrilled to share our passion with you.

Sarah Hearn OBE

ESG Hive
How to write a governance strategy for ESG

The Story Behind ESG Hive

Our mission is to give you the very best in sustainability and ESG knowledge, with a focus on learning, accessible information, and expert resources.

We understand that many people want to act on their environmental, social and governance – ESG – values. However, many beginners – from students, business people to investors – lack the resources and information at their fingertips to do so. Above all, we aim to empower you to act on your sustainability goals and values.

ESG Hive is not a broker/dealer or a registered investment advisor. We never sell financial products and we never offer investment advice. 

We Need To Be Educated To Make Better Changes

ESG funds and sustainable consumer products potentially allow you to align your economic activity with your values and concerns. However, always ask for detailed information on how an ESG fund is constructed and make sure you read the labels of consumer products. Beware greenwashing and subscribe to ESG Hive to stay informed.

Our Team

Our founder, Sarah Hearn OBE, wants to empower beginners with knowledge about sustainability and ESG. Consequently, she created an online home for all. Of course, ESG Hive has no conflict of interest because we have no financial product to sell you. Our team is made of recognized experts in sustainable development.

Sarah Hearn OBE

Founder / President

Sarah Hearn is a sustainability professional, with more than twenty years of experience in diplomacy and sustainability with the United Nations, British Government and academia, helping partners to agree and implement sustainability goals. Specializing in global sustainability standards and regulations, and diplomatic skills, Sarah uses her experience to respectfully engage, educate and encourage partners to adopt and implement impactful ESG and sustainability plans. In 2012, she was awarded the OBE by Queen Elizabeth II for her services to sustainable development and she is a leading expert on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our global interviews and publications

Here is a sample of our publications on environmental, social and governance issues for investors, businesses and governments.