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ESG Hive is an educational platform for beginners who care about Environmental, Social and Governance issues, from students, business people to investors.


What is ESG?

Climate change defines our era. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing and corporate sustainability are an important part of the response. Sustainability is the action companies take to reduce their carbon emissions, waste and pollution. ESG is a spectrum of business options and possibilities, from investing in green technologies to reducing ESG risks to profits.

Become An ESG Insider

As you embark on ESG and sustainability, it is important to decide what you want to accomplish and what professional help you will need to achieve your goals.  ESG Hive is an educational resource in your journey to being an ESG insider. Best of all, we offer quick learning and expert resources and training. Take our quiz to help you think more deeply about what aspects of ESG matter to you. 

Learn about climate change

We offer in-person and on-line group training and education on climate change, the Paris climate goals and sustainability, using simulations to immerse you in the challenges and opportunities ahead.

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